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EPeKa Slovenija

EPeKa Slovenija

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skupaj v epm 2013

Skupaj v EPM 2013

4. november 2012 – 4. november 2013
Maribor, Slovenija

EPEKA bo za čas projekta Maribor – Evropska prestolnica mladih 2013 izvajala Evropsko prostovoljno službo z naslovom Skupaj v EPM 2013, ki se bo izvajal v Mariboru. Projekt se bo dotikal predvsem mladinskega dogodka Evropske prestolnice mladih, in bo krepil evropsko zavest in širil zavest o evropskemu državljanstvu na lokalni, regionalni, nacionalni in mednarodni ravni. Prostovoljki Tomina Duta iz Romunije in Anthulla Bracka iz Grčije bodo tako sodelovali v programih EPM 2013, v katerih bo EPEKA sodelovala s projekti na lokalnem, nacionalnem in mednarodnem področju. Se pravi nudili bosta pomoč pri izvajanju mladinskih projektov, ki sodijo v sklop EPM 2013, pomoč pri izvajanju mednarodnih mladinskih projektov, rednih dejavnosti in pri projektih, ki si jih bodo prostovoljci sami zamislili.

Želimo, da bosta prostovoljki iz držav Romunije in Grčije v obdobju 12 mesecev pridobili bogate izkušnje s področja mladinskih dogodkov v sklopu EPM, kot so bogato znanje o domačem in tujem mladinskem delovanju, programih in nazivih EU oz. Evropskega mladinskega foruma, nevladnem mladinskem sektorju v Sloveniji i.t.d., ki jih bodo upamo kasneje izkoristile v lokalnem okolju, če bodo njihove države oz. mesta kandidirale za EPM v prihodnosti. Tako želimo doseči s EVS prostovoljstvom tudi trajnostni moment, to pomeni da se bodo prostovoljci vrnili v svoje okolje z novimi izkušnjami in znanjem ter zavedanjem o Evropski skupnosti, katere del smo mi vsi. Za dosego tega bodo prostovoljci sodelovali pri projektih EPM kot prostovoljci z namenom pridobivanja izkušenj in znanja s področja organizacije.

Po koncu projekta bomo mladim prostovoljkam izdali potrdilo neformalnega izobraževanja – Youthpass.

Projekt je podprt s strani EU programa Mladi v akciji.



EVS Diary (written by Tomina and Anthy)



3 days after the arrival in Maribor, we took part in a social action of European Youth Capital, Maribor 2013 by helping the flood victims in the surrounding villages of Maribor. We gave help to every house and resident that was in need, together with other volunteers and workers of the EYC 2013.

Marko Jakše

12. – 16. 11. 2012

We attended our on-arrival training in Radovljica. We had a lot of workshops, we learned a lot about Evs and we created a network between other volunteers in Slovenia.

Marko Jakše

22 – 24. 11. 2012

We took part in the organising of the European Youth Forum 2013, which took place in Pohorje. We welcomed the delegates and we helped in the implementation of the conferences.

Marko Jakše

23. – 25. 11. 2012

Tomina Duta took part in the closing of the Biennale gallery in Venice.

Marko Jakše

05. 12. 2012

We celebrated the International Volunteery day by promoting volunteering on the streets of Maribor, together with other volunteers of the EYC 2013. We ended the day with an official meeting with the EYC and the vice mayor of Maribor.

Marko Jakše

06. 12. 2012

We presented EPEKA, together with Pija Car and Jurij Vahtar, in an official presentation of slovenian youth projects that took place in Ljubljana during 2012.

28. 12. 2012

We took part in the organization of the ''New Year Countdown 2013'' project, that took place in Maribor and EPEKA was one of the main coordinators. We participated in all the activities, he helped for the implementation of the project and we decorated the venue for the New Year's party.

15. 01. 2013

Tomina Duta helped in EYC's action by giving help to the elderly with cleaning the snow.

Marko Jakše

06. 02. 2013

We helped Jerneja Dečar presenting EPEKA in an international meeting that took place in Maribor, with representatives of international institutions. The meeting was organised by Mreža Mama.

26. 02. 2013

We welcomed the new Evs volunteer of the EYC. We helped him adjust to the slovenian life and provided support for his first days as a volunteer.

Marko Jakše


02. 03. 2013

I'm writing on my experience at WinterStrike Koroška fest 2013. For those of you that don't know, WinterStrike Koroška fest is a 1 day metal music festival that is held annually in Koroška,Slovenia.

As an EVS in Slovenia and most of all as a fan of metal i was curious for the fest WinterStrike.

Slovenians love Metal and the local metal bands show that love for Metal through the good music that they make.

In the 7th edition of WinterStrike bands that played or better yet that were supposed to play where : Endeavoured (brutal deth metal) TomCat(Hard˝n Heavy) Plains of Despair (Progresiv Deth Metal) RollinˇBastards(Speeding rock and roll) Dalkhu(Black Metal) and my personal favorite Thraw (Mount area Thrash)

The first band that started the night where: Endeavoured ,Plains of Despair, Dalkhu. I must admit personally i am not such a big fan of death and black metal but i can appreciate a good musician and i must say that they pleasantly surprised me with the quality of their music.

So the starter bands did a great job and the atmosphere was heated up. When Thraw went on stage the crowd was ready to receive them in the manner that they deserve...the stage was on fire ,Thraw perform as i expected ….AWESOME!!!! It was a great first experience in a Thraw concert and i can say with sincerity that it was a very successful one. Following Thraw were the RollinˇBastards , the Lemmy like voice of Aleksander is just crazy good ..they started in force ...the concert was going great but to bad that just almost in the end of the performance the power went out and the party had to stop there, although this unfortunate thing happened, the overall experience of the festival was great and i am very happy that i could take part in it. Good sound, good light, good atmosphere and best of all great people and of course the Metal of Koroska. Hopefully i will be around for editiones to come.

Tomina Duta

04. 03. 2013

We presented EPEKA in the official presentation of programmes of the EYC Maribor 2013, which took place in Gustaf Hall Pekarna.

Marko Jakše


30. 03. 2013

We took part in the theatrical workshop that was organised by EPEKA for teenagers, aiming to the promotion of non verbal communication between people that speak different languages. The results of the workshop were presented to the local community through a street performance that took place on the same day.

Marko Jakše


10. 04. 2013

We participated in the mosaic workshop that took place for the opening of the Cultural-Information Center (CIC) of European Youth Capital Maribor 2013. During the workshop, we helped in the creative decoration of the space.

Marko Jakše


08. 05. 2013

Anthy Bracka took part in the festival "International Ocean 2013:Take a Dive" in Ljubljana, representing Greece. The festival was organised for all the students and young foreigners of Slovenia and consisted of presentations, parade of the foreigners and a big concert.

Marko Jakše


28. - 31. 05. 2013

We participated in the international project "Igraj se z Mano: Play with me" that took part for 4 days in Ljuljana. During the festival, plenty of activities were organised by the volunteers aiming in the inclusion of children, with disabilities or not. We helped in the implementation of the activities and we offered support in all the aspects of the project.

Marko Jakše

31. 05. 2013

We represented EPEKA in the Mladinstival, that took place in the castle of Ljubljana. The presentation was combined with a creative postcard workshop, and happened in cooperation with the presentaton of the European Youth Capital Maribor 2013.

Marko Jakše


10. 06 - 13. 06. 2013

We participated in the midterm Evs training that took place in Korte. We spent 4 days of evaluating our project so far, answering and solving any possible problems in our Evs life and getting guidance for the best continuation of our project.

Marko Jakše


21. 06. 2013

Anthy Bracka participated in the recycling-vintage workshop that was organised from "StyleMustDie" in the town of Karlovac, in Croatia. The workshop was part of the cultural festival "Nepokoreni Grad".

Marko Jakše


22. 06. - 06. 07. 2013

We worked in the activities of the European Youth Capital Maribor 2013 in the ArtKamp, which took place for 2 weeks during the Lent Festival. The main action was an exchange market with second-hand clothes and objects, the profits of which will help the renovation of the playgrounds of the Maribor Municipality.

Marko Jakše


01. 07. 2013

Anthy Bracka presented Greece in the "International Nights" of the ArtKamp. The presentation consisted of traditional greek food, activities for the children and teaching of greek phrases.

Marko Jakše


08. 07. 2013

We attended the activities of the youth exchange organised by the European Photo Youth Capital. The project is part of the European Youth Capital Maribor 2013.

Marko Jakše



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